Physiotherapy Services

Manual Therapy and Modalities

A systematic, problem-solving approach to patient-centered assessment and treatment techniques used in the comprehensive management of spinal, upper extremity, lower extremity, temporomandibular joint and neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. Your physiotherapist will integrate a variety of manual techniques such as mobilizations, manipulations, neural flossing, soft tissue lengthening and joint specific stability exercise to maximize the return to normal joint mobility and function. In addition to manual therapy, therapeutic modalities will be incorporated into your care to insure pain levels are minimized and maximal medical recovery is achieved.

Neuromuscular Control and Manipulation

Essentially all movement is an interplay between the muscular and neural systems. For movement to exist freely and without pain, a subtle influence must ensure the proper balance between force production, force reduction, and timing of muscle contraction. Without this balance, compensations arise, poor motor planning takes over and often pain is a result. Our clinicians can help re-establish the proper patterning to ensure smooth integrated movement.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the insertion of sterile single use acupuncture needle directly into the myofascial (muscular) trigger points of the body. The benefits of dry needling include helping to restore muscle activation, initiates tissue repair, increasing blood flow, releasing trigger points, and decreasing pain.

Therapeutic Exercise

Whether it be return to sport, work or activities of normal life:  our creative therapists will come up with specific exercises that will support your treatment and maximize your outcome.  With minimal equipment required, mobility, strength and function will be prioritized with any exercise prescription. Our goal is to teach you how to manage and correct any movement dysfunction you are facing to promote independence in your rehabilitation journey.

Pain Relieving Modalities

We will use electrical, thermal or mechanical energy to cause physiological changes in your body. From electrical muscle stimulation to heat, ice or acupuncture – we will find the best method to relieve your pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling and lessen muscle spasms.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the use of light diodes to help with damaged or injured tissues. Laser therapy has been highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, sports injuries, wound healing and a wide range of dermatological conditions. Laser therapy help to restore normal cell structure and function.

Sports Therapy

We work with athletes to not only treat injuries, but to prevent them. By understanding the nature of sport and the effect on the body, we can help plan exercises and techniques that make your athletic efforts more successful. And if injured, we can help lessen your rehabilitation time to get you back to competition.

Return to Sport Program

Our CAMPT certified team will take our training and experience and focus it all on your quick recovery and return to sport. We will work closely with you to define the issue and build a program that is individualized to you and your injury. By understanding how your injury occurred, we can create new exercises and routines for you to avoid experiencing the same issues in the future.

Specialized Taping

We are pleased to offer a variety of taping techniques that are designed to improve joint stability and proprioception as well as decrease pain and swelling. Tapes used include K-Leukotape and sports tape. We are also pleased to offer taping clinics designed for specific conditions that coaches, parents or partners can apply.

Custom Bracing

We will combine fit, comfort and style with the best custom bracing options to get you back in the game or life.  We have teamed up with Osur braces to ensure you have the best product for the best price.  Whether it be a post-operative, preventative or degenerative joint support, we can fit your needs.

Gait and Running Analysis

Running pain got you on the sideline? Wondering if your gait is impacting your running economy? Are muscles/joint imbalances altering your running mechanics? An in depth running analysis to break down your running pains and get you back to running as soon as possible. A comprehensive assessment includes a functional movement screening, gait analysis, shoe recommendations, exercises prescription, and injury assessment/treatment to get you back running stronger and sooner.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

A full motor assessment is performed in clinic with the child and their parents. Range of motion, strength, positioning, gross motor skills, muscle tone, primitive reflexes, functional abilities and walking mechanics are assessed to identify your child’s needs. Physiotherapy is used to ensure secondary effect such as delays in gross and fine motor development, difficulty with breastfeeding, impaired posture, muscular imbalances and asymmetries in movements are avoided. A combination of education, play based therapy, Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) and exercises are used to help children ages 0 months -18 years improve to keep playing and growing!