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Our team is recruiting a Registered Physiotherapist! FCAMPT mentoring for newer grads, a great collaborative work environment with a generous continuing education package and competitive wages!

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We strive for excellence in what we do by continuing to learn, teach and practice – both in our community and nationally. We are locally owned and operated by CAMPT certified physiotherapists who are committed to providing comprehensive physiotherapy with a focus on individual manual therapy. We maximize therapist time with each client, ensuring your plan of care is perfect for you. Your health is in our hands and we value it.




Measures of body functions, strength testing, analysis of your walking patterns, posture, balance, joint movement, control and stability. Our systematic approach identifies the root of your dysfunction and pain, and allows us to customize the best treatment for you.


CAMPT Physiotherapists have completed extensive, internationally recognized post-graduate education focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of complicated muscle and joint problems.


We work closely with you and other health care professionals to ensure that your health and mobility goals are met by combining the principles of evidence-based practice, evaluative skills, and clinical/professional judgment.


We offer a number of trusted products to help you in your recovery.



The body is a complex machine, and we can help you identify your source of pain. Locate the area of concern in the diagram below to reveal more information about your injury.


Headaches and facial pain can be associated with concussion type injuries or common referral sites from the upper neck or cranial nerves. Poor posture and scapular positioning are often involved. TMJ (jaw) dysfunctions can generate pain in these areas as well as trigger points in cervical muscles.

Hand & Wrist

Joint stiffness, carpal bone restrictions, ligaments, cartilage and muscles often are the cause of pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome and referral form the neck and elbow have to be ruled out in addition to vascular restrictions.


Tendinitis, trauma and neural tension are common causes. Vascular restrictions, cervical referral and chronic scar tissue can delay elbow recovery.

Foot & Ankle

Ligament sprains, tendinitis, joint stiffness, great toe restrictions and muscle tightness/weakness are the main contributors. Neural tension, lumbar restrictions and hip strength and mobility also need to be assessed and treated to ensure effective carryover.


Ligament, meniscus and referral patterns due to muscle imbalances are key influences for pain and dysfunction. Other sources include hip weakness, lumbar dysfunctions and poor foot mechanics.

Lower back

Facet joints, disc pathologies, muscle tightness, sacrum and core weakness are common causes. Pelvic restrictions, neural mobility (sciatic, femoral), motor control, hip flexibility and foot mechanics must also be assessed.

Upper back

Facet joint stiffness, rib restrictions, muscular tightness and disc pathologies are common sources of pain.  Don’t forget the neck, low back, scapula and shoulder as possible roots as well.  The ability to control ideal movement patterns must be assessed and addressed to ensure maximum recovery.


Ligament, capsule, labrum, muscles and impingement of tendons are commonly involved in shoulder pain. Neural tension, postural set, scapular control, cervical and thoracic spine mobility must also be ruled in or out for effective treatment.


Muscles and trigger points, facet joints, disc pathologies and poor posture are common causes of neck pain. Stiffness in the thoracic spine as well as poor scapular control or position can also drive neck pain.